PoP = Points of Passion

Found Time

Flutters in my gut emerge when something—anything—gets cancelled. 

There are, of course, a plethora of ‘must-dos’ ready to fill the space. But if my world is not ready to explode, if everyone in my family has at least one pair of clean underwear, if, if, if…

I have learned to embrace found time as my time.

A walk in the woods with my dog Daisy;
Read, read, read;
Call a friend that I’ve been thinking about;
Try a new recipe (or better yet improvise);
Take a nap.

Those are just some of the ways I bask in time that finds its way back to me.

Antique Bottles

I started collecting antique bottles in elementary school. Tiny time capsules kept safe from the destructive forces of age.

What medicine did it hold? What was wrong with the person who needed the tonic? Did they have any idea that I’d be holding their bottle one hundred years later? 

Antique bottles contain more questions than answers. I think that's why they’ve always represented a world of possibility to me. 

Must pick up the pace...the holidays are almost here!

Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon
Not sure what that's about but I have LOTS.

Daydreaming about living by the ocean
Yes, please!

Collages of any kind
Crappy pottery created by my kids 
They have many talents, my boys, but ceramics would not be one of them. Still, their colorful early endeavors tap an endless reserve of wonder in me.

Speaking of things that provide joy despite a lack of aptitude….as any reader of this blog has no doubt noticed, I glean an inordinate amount of joy from watching plants grow, especially weeds.

That’s it for now.
Wishing you a merry holiday season filled with your own PoPs! 

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