I recently had the pleasure of visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass, a museum in Seattle, Washington. I knew Dale Chihuly’s glasswork to be colorful and whimsical; what I didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming experience of taking in his creations one after the other as we wandered from gallery to gallery.

Prior to seeing Chihuly’s work in a collection, I’d only ever observed his large-scale glass pieces in venues that played up their grandeur. Chandeliers in ballrooms or hotel lobbies that screamed: look at me! 

In their native space, Chihuly blends his work with his inspirations. Textiles, photographs, architecture, and nature mingle alongside the glass sculptures they incited. It’s an honor to peer into the world of an artist, to glimpse the well from which creativity flows.
I was particularly excited to learn that Chihuly and I share a favorite flower. I’d never seen the fleeting blooms growing in their wild state before Chihuly’s garden. But, there they were scattering their bold inspiration.

ranunculus | rəˈnəNGkyələs:

Pillowy perfection.
Buds bursting
 This way, that
Pink, yellow, orange, red: