If all of the things you were looking forward to, had planned for, and rehearsed in your head like a favorite movie ending,

Proms, and trips, 
Concerts, and work milestones,
Tournaments, and

Those events: cancelled.

Then, the things you'd started to let go of, like;

Dinner together, at home,
Impromptu back rubs and “meet you on the deck” happy hours,
Neighbors who formerly tossed a wave, having actual social-distanced conversations,
Teenagers sharing their unhurried views,
You doing more listening than talking (now there was plenty of time for both).

Those pieces: found.

And through it all, the waiting.
Some days anxious,
Other days content,
Most days caught in between.

The whole time knowing  
going back
to the unknown, altered, strange
Waiting World
would be an honor
because not everyone would.

All of that?