What's On Your Summer Nightstand?

It’s here! The sunny space in the year when life’s routines loosen, and an expectant air of possibility creeps in. Lazy afternoons spent by the pool, sipping an icy concoction, as a gentle breeze…(okay, we can dream right?) 

An ideal summer read, for me, tugs just enough, but not too much, nudging a seasonal reprieve from reality along. The adult selections below are just that—friends to accompany you on your chosen adventure. Or, a blessed day of no plans at all.

This month a guest blogger reviews the children’s selections. John Howley (insert a proud mama smile here) is a thoughtful reader, who reviews middle-grade books on his new blog: www.booksformiddleschoolstudents.blogspot.com

Happy Summer, everyone!


by Rainbow Rowell

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never actually met? It is if you’re Lincoln O’Neill and your job is to read your co-worker’s e-mails for inappropriate content. Lincoln loathes his work and his post-college life at home with his mom who packs his lunch every day, until he “meets” Beth. Attachments explores the complexities of love and honesty in the digital age.  And, as usual, Rowell does not disappoint. Her well-intentioned, but flawed characters are relatable and fun—perfect beach companions.

by Jo Jo Moyes

What happens when a single mom, her mathematician daughter, an ex-husband’s teenage son, and a gaseous canine embark on a road trip with a complete stranger? A wild ride, with lots of predictable but entertaining twists and turns. This one’s a quick read that will pair well with anything on the rocks.

by Paula Hawkins

Ever make up stories about the lives of the people you see while hum drumming through your day? Meet Rachel, a recently divorced thirty-something, whose favorite past-times are pre-made gin and tonics and imagining the life she wants for people she doesn’t know. Until…one of those people goes missing and she decides to enter their reality, intimately shaping her own. 

This story will keep you guessing. Who’s crazy? Who’s sane? The ending may be a tad too tidy, but it hardly matters. This thriller is a ‘get me back to the lounge chair’ read.

Reviews by John Howley

by A.J. Paquette

Dahlia Silverton is a ghost, who’s stuck in the house where she died because of an unknown secret from her past. When a new family moves in, she must learn to share her space with living humans, including an annoying boy named Oliver. Dahlia finds hope in the form of another ghost named Mrs. Tibbs, who promises to help release her. But when Mrs. Tibbs is captured by a ghost hunter, Dahlia must seek an unlikely ally to break free from her secret. This book is entertaining, a good read for anyone who appreciates a clever combination of humor and adventure.

by Rick Riordan

In this book you will find all the information you would ever need about Greek gods. From Aphrodite to Zeus this book puts a fun modern twist on all the traditional Greek stories and gods. I really enjoyed this book because it makes you want to keep reading and it is written in a really fun, entertaining way. This is a really great book for people who enjoy the Percy Jackson series or any other Rick Riordan books. 

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  1. There's been some fun reading going on at the Howley house! Great list. Now, for that lazy afternoon I've been seeking...hmm....