Where can you pay thousands of dollars to wait in lines that stretch for miles in the hot blazing sun for the opportunity to get pummeled by buckets of water or risk losing your over-priced lunch in gravity defying poses? 

Disney of course!

We took our second family voyage to Disney World last week. It was a blast. Watching our boys, 10 and 8, zoom from park to park, ride to ride, declaring whatever they’d just experienced, “The best ride ever!”

Three years ago when we visited, for the first time, we were still in the hunker down years. Logistics reigned. 

“Where is the nearest bathroom?”
 “Don’t walk too far ahead!” 
“Quick get the sunscreen!”

It's a Small Small (Tired) World
But this time was different. There was the distinct feeling that they were leading us. Willing their parents, grandparents, and aunt enough energy to make it around the next bend. Challenging us to go beyond the comforts of gravity and dry clothes to catch the next adrenaline rush. For the boys, there was a “not enough time” feeling in the air.  

While we, the adult contingency, rode every wave right along side our young comrades counting down the minutes until we could plant ourselves firmly in a chair or perhaps enjoy an end-of-day adult beverage.

On day five of our vacation, Rob and I had our dreams come true when the grandparents offered to take our little Disney junkies for the day, while we languished by the pool. Aaaahhh.

It didn’t matter that the dark clouds hovered by mid-morning or that torrential rain set in around noon. We lingered, under cover, looking out over the resort infinity pool, doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute. 

By the next morning we were refreshed and ready. To turn the corner on our final day of amusement park adventures. 

It’s true what they say: Youth is wasted on the young. 

Except at Disney. Disney is made for the young. And I don’t mean the young at heart. I mean the true blue young. 

But for those of us no longer in that category, it’s still magic to go back. To a place where mice never age and parades spontaneously erupt under a castle lit sky. 

To make little dreams come true.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time. But did you ever notice that they call it "the happiest place on earth" but many of the kids are crying and almost none of the adults is happy either. :)
    I did notice, though, that all of the employees have smiles and the best attitudes anywhere!

  2. Yes. I noticed some short fuses...especially parents with toddlers (who can blame them?!) Wouldn't it be nice if employees at places like Home Depot and the grocery store had to have a Disney outlook?! It would make running errands a bit more pleasurable :)

  3. Fun, fun, fun. Hooray for Grandparents!